Earth: In the Beginning


Happy Earth Day! Keep the faith.

In the beginning…
not really the beginning,
but a beginning almost comprehensible,
a malleable mass twirling on the blowers pipe,
Earth was cast from Heaven, thrown down
spinning from the warmth of all she knew
to cold and darkness thick with the roar
of her passing and smells of her burning.

She flew from birth light
growing dimmer
and colder to a sadness unfathomable.
Could she weep for herself? Surely.
Of all the lights distant but bright
In their congruity, none tuned to watch
Or cast a glance toward her hurling fate.
Did she moan as she was flung

To her perceived oblivion? Surely.
Yes, we could have heard her cries
And her gaseous guts rumbling,
Crying for a savior for herself
And for all that could be…crying
For a hot, brilliant hand to capture her
And roll her around in his golden palm.

14 thoughts on “Earth: In the Beginning

  1. So great to see this again – it’s perfect. I just love it, Leo.
    Hope you are keeping well. 🙂

    1. So good to hear from you. I hope you are enjoying your job and kids! Let me know if you have something new I could read. Leo

  2. “A malleable mass twirled on the blowers pipe”

    That is a brilliant image, especially in this context.

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